Float Therapy

Float Therapy

Float Tank Services

Paducah, KY office only

20% discount to our veterans, police, fireman and first responders.


60 Min Float Sessions
$55 single 60-min session

$80 First-time floater (2 x 60-min sessions)

$144 for 3×60 min sessions

$255 for 6×60 min sessions


1 float per month: $49

2 floats per month: $89

3 floats per month: $129

4 floats per month: $169

*each additional float will be reduced to $40 if a member*

*membership includes designated floats per month*

*if you do not use float every month you can not save it for another month*

*cannot share your float membership*

*$30 cancelation fee if canceled before 6 months*

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At this time Optimize U is a self-pay clinic, which means we do not bill insurance companies or do any preauthorization. If you wish to send your itemized bill to your insurance company, you may do so on your own behalf.  FSA/HSA cards are accepted. Please check with your plan benefits for coverage determination.

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